Supreme Court orders new briefs after Trump issues travel ban proclamation
 Switzerland voters reject pension reform in national referendum
 International tribunal rules for Ghana in Ivory Coast maritime boundary dispute
 Hong Kong appeals court grants spousal visa to lesbian couple
 Trump significantly limits entry into US from eight nations
 World Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 23 September 2017
 US Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 23 September 2017
 London revokes Uber's license to operate
 UN establishes investigation into Islamic State crimes in Iraq
 San Francisco sues fossil fuel companies over global warming
 Kentucky court dismisses suit challenging medical marijuana prohibition
 Oregon Supreme Court upholds school art and music tax
 DC appeals court rules warrantless cell-tracking device unconstitutional
 ACLU sues Michigan over same-sex adoption
 ACLU and Planned Parenthood seek injunction against Maine abortion law
 UK judge: court ruling not needed in life-support decisions
 Protests, tensions intensify in Spain as date for secession vote approaches in Catalonia region
 UK PM calls on Internet companies to remove terrorist content more efficiently
 UN opens treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons for signature
 Massachusetts top court rules field sobriety tests not definitive for marijuana impairment
 Wisconsin appeals court upholds right-to-work law
 Federal appeals court blocks San Fransisco ordinance requiring soda health warnings
 Federal appeals court dismisses Seattle police lawsuit on use-of-force policy
 UN agency urges Congo to protect refugees following shooting incident
 UN chief urges worldwide economic empowerment for women